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The Grand Central BBS           08/30/1985 - 08/30/1993
Larry's Home                    08/30/1993 - 08/30/1995

Larry's Home is dedicated to author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I first read Your Erroneous Zones (© 1976) in May, 1993. My life has not been the same since. My personal modem history dates back to the late 70s. Modeming is just one of my hobbies. In 2000, started taking Bluegrass Festival pictures. 7/31/02 was diagnosed with MS and 4/17/03 started taking LDN. 09/05 started Geocaching. 05/08 joined YouTube! 07/09 joined Picasaweb. 03/10 moved to Florida, added pics to a Gallery (login required).

World Trade Center 09/11/2001 Memorial

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