In memory of the terrorist attack on the morning of September 11, 2001

gathered from multiple sources (last updates 12/11/01 & 08/01/04)

The purpose of this page is to share these pictures and links with my family and friends.
As I receive other pictures and tribute sites, I will add to these pages.

100701: I found pictures from my 1991 outing to the World Trade Center.

The other links will follow after these tour pictures.

Be patient while all pictures load.

Tourist pictures on the morning of September 11, 2001

picture taker - unknown

091201: I do not know who took these pictures and am under the impression that the sender of these .jpgs did not know where they came from either. I am under the impression this person was going downtown to head up to the top of the World Trade Center as part of their tour. I do not know for sure.

World Trade Center pictures and links:

These 3 were taken by my boss: 091101 after Plane 1 * 091101 after Plane 2 * 091101 WTC GONE!

Others Personal accounts! (09/16/01)

The below links all worked at one time, some are still available. Links will remain as a memorial, working or not.

A Sailor's Tribute (09/16/01)

Willy Wizard's compilation of World Trade Center related pictures and links (added 091501)

CNN Zooming WTC overhead view (09/20/01)
Large overhead pic - for printing (100801)

Ryan's snapshot captures of CNN video showing devil face in the smoke after impact (091501)
CNN video of 2nd plane that shows the devil right at impact (091501)
Philadelphia Daily News article about 2nd demonic image (09/20/01)
From other related pics and comments (09/20/01)

New design for next WTC, a humoristic response at a tragic time (091501)

Support from around the world (09/16/01)

Another Tribute, very long loading (09/16/01)

A page of rememberance (nice pic too) (09/23/01)

Another Tribute, Then and Now (09/26/01)

A message in a bottle (10/30/01)

Why they hate us, a pictorial. (10/31/01)

A Yahoo Club: TerrorInAmerica2001 (09/16/01) good photo section too

What Really Happened - an dark side opinion, and other links (09/16/01)

RUMORS OF WAR - A collection of links to pages discussing the various rumors since 9/11. (09/23/01)

Bobby Smith's 50 State Tribute - UnitedWeStand [121101]

Tribute from 02/20/02. (Takes a while to load.) [080104]

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